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Destination Wedding San Diego

Stunning a Destination Wedding at San Diego Beach

Incredible, in a few days we are already flying to California. I can not wait to see my newlyweds, it’s been so long since we last saw each other. Hard to describe my joy is on what comes and what we will experience. For a long time we dreamed of photographing a Destination Wedding in the USA and now the time has come.

The last days were themed Destination Wedding and of course we tried to prepare as well as possible. We looked at the various locations via google earth, got familiar with the access routes, calculated distances between the individual locations and, of course, very important, we came up with many ideas for the bridal couple Shooting.

The Wedding Planner

The bridal couple had suburban everything organized by a wedding planner and from this we have received a rough schedule of the day. Everything reads perfectly and minimally planned.

The trip

Our flight takes us from Zurich to Los Angeles and from there we drive to San Diego. We have a cute little apartment very close to the beach.

Shooting Location

One day before the wedding we go to Escondido where we will photograph the bride and groom with the closest family in a holiday home in advance. After the shoot, we will do a little fine tuning with the bridal couple and in the evening we will go to the sea with the family for dinner.

The wedding day

The wedding day begins in a classic way with the getting ready of the bride and groom, followed by a first look at the property in the mountains of San Diego. The wedding takes place in the late afternoon on the beach of San Diego and then it goes into a beautiful restaurant for dinner. There is also the party.

I do not want to tell you more. Oh, how happy I am. I can not wait to show you the first results and tell you what the trip was like. A little adventure awaits us.

This year we are really lucky. We have such beautiful weddings, so wonderful bridal couples with fantastic locations. It will be an exhausting but beautiful year.

We wish you a heartfelt happy Easter, relaxing days and hopefully beautiful weather to enjoy the days

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